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Fundraising Activities

Recruiting for 2016-17

Are you ready to join the festivities?  WEDF is recruiting mature, dependable volunteers aged 16 and older to assist us with our fundraising activities.  Our goal for the upcoming season is to maintain a minimum of 20 volunteers for each event.  If you are interested, please go to our "Guestbook" and use the "I Want to Volunteer" link.

Upcoming Orientation Session

Orienatation sessions and TIPS training with our fund-raising partner Centerplate, Inc. will be held on the following dates at the MB Superdome.  The sessions start promptly and should last two to three hours.  The cost of the TIPS class is $26 cash payable the day of the class.  If you would like to join us for the upcoming season, please submit your contact information.


                                                         NPO Orientation


  6:00PM  CHECK IN AT 5:15PM



                                                         TIPS Training


Tuesday, January 24   6:00PM   CHECK IN AT 5:15PM

Thursday, January 24   6:00PM   CHECK IN AT 5:15PM


Participants must each bring $26 cash and a valid ID or DL.


You must be on the list to enter the class.


For the trainings:
Park in Lot C
Wear the all black event attire
Check in at the loading dock of the superdome (between the dome and the arena)
Bring a valid ID and a blue or black pen

WEDF has contracted with Centerplate again for the upcoming season.  We are seeking volunteers to assist us.  Our attire for all events is:

  • Black Shirt (T-shirt, Polo, Long or Short Sleeved w/o Print; No Tanks or Muscle)
  • Black Trousers (No Jeans, No Shorts, No Leggings, No Tights, w/ Black belt)
  • Black Shoes (Slip resistant, Oxfords, Athletics, Slip-Ons; No open toes/heels)
  • Black Socks
  • Natural colored hair
  • No excessive jewelry; Only ear piercings


WEDF has committed to provide a minimum of 20 volunteers for each event this upcoming season.  Wouldn't it be great if our neighboring school's parents joined us for several of our events?  It sure would!!!  Help us help you!!!

Centerplate Concessions 2016-17


January Events


DATE(S)         EVENT                                    LOCATION                      CHECK IN

Jan 2       Sugar Bowl               M-B Superdome     12:00PM
Jan 5       Pelicans v Hawks       SK Arena              3:30PM       
Jan 9       WWE Raw                 M-B Superdome     3:00PM
Jan 10     Red Hot Chili Peppers  SK Arena              3:00PM
Jan 18     Pelicans vs Magic       SK Arena              3:30PM
Jan 20     Pelicans vs Nets         SK Arena              3:30PM
Jan 23     Pelicans vs Cavs        SK Arena              3:30PM
Jan 25     Pelicans vs OKC         SK Arena              3:30PM
Jan 27     Pelicans vs Spurs       SK Arena              3:30PM
Jan 28     Monster Jam             M-B Superdome     2:00PM
Jan 29     Pelicans v Wizards     SK Arena              3:30PM

February Events


DATE(S)         EVENT                                    LOCATION                    CHECK IN

Feb 1       Cirque de Soleil         SK Arena            TBD
Feb 2       Cirque de Soleil         SK Arena            TBD       
Feb 3       Cirque de Soleil         SK Arena            TBD
Feb 4       Cirque de Soleil         SK Arena            TBD
Feb 5       Cirque de Soleil         SK Arena            TBD
Feb 6       Pelicans vs Suns        SK Arena            3:30PM
Feb 8       Pelicans v Jazz          SK Arena            3:30PM
Feb 10     Billy Joel Concert        SK Arena            3:00PM
Feb 17     NBA All Star Weekend SK Arena            TBD
Feb 18     NBA All Star Weekend SK Arena            TBD
Feb 19     NBA All Star Weekend SK Arena            TBD
Feb 23     Pelicans v Clippers      SK Arena            3:30PM
March Events
DATE(S)    EVENT                              LOCATION                CHECK IN
Mar 1      Pelicans v Pistons        SK Arena            3:30PM
Mar 2      21 Pilots Concert         SK Arena            3:30PM
Mar 3      Pelicans v Spurs          SK Arena            3:30PM
Mar 4      Harlem Globetrotters    SK Arena           9:00AM
Mar 8      Pelicans v Raptors        SK Arena           3:30PM
Mar 11    Arena Cross                 SK Arena           TBD
Mar 12    Arena Cross                 SK Arena           TBD
Mar 14    Pelicans v Blazers         SK Arena           3:30PM
Mar 15    Stevie Nicks Concert     SK Arena           3:30PM
Mar 17    Pelicans v Rockets        SK Arena           3:30PM
Mar 18    Winter Jam Tour           SK Arena           2:30PM
Mar 19    Pelicans v Wolves         SK Arena           1:30PM
Mar 21    Pelicans v Grizzlies       SK Arena           3:30PM
Mar 29    Pelicans v Mavs            SK Arena           3:30PM
Mar 31    Pelicans v Kings           SK Arena            3:30PM


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